Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

This is part of our Team Spotlight series, where we get to know each member of our team through 6 questions. We’re always looking for new team members!

Today we meet Monica McConkey, homeschooling mom of 5 out of Canada whose creativity knows no bounds in churning out crafts for home and school, illustrating and illuminating the Saints and our faith.

1. What’s your background?

I’m a Catholic wife and mother of 5.  I live in a small town near Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my family, down the street from the house I grew up in with my parents and one older brother.

As a Cradle-Catholic, I attended Catholic elementary and high school and Mass faithfully, but my love for the Catholic Faith was super-charged by the Catholic community I discovered outside of the extra-secular School of Architecture.

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey - Bridget First Communion family photo

2. What are your interests?

While I’ve been involved in a few small building projects including the design of our own house addition, my passion rests with the design of activities and crafts and Catechetical tools to help teach and celebrate the Catholic Faith. The holy Saints are heroes in our Faith!

I love researching the Saints for the crafts and activities I create… and learning from their virtues and insights and holiness.

3. What do you blog about?

I wrote a book in 2001 called A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, tracing the entire Liturgical Calendar with activities and crafts. This book launched us into our family apostolate in Catholic Publishing: Arma Dei. Over the years, we added quizzing cards and paper craft kits to help teach Catechism, Prayers, Sacraments and the Saints!

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

At Equipping Catholic Families, I blog about Catholic crafts, activities, teaching tools and family traditions to help celebrate the Liturgical Calendar.

I have a Catholic Printables Shoppe with almost 50 Catholic craft kits and Family Fun printables, with our official shop at Arma Dei.

I also am the founder and key admin of the Catholic Bloggers Network, a venue of over 1500 Catholic Bloggers.

4. What do you like about Saintnook?

I love to have a resource where biographies, crafts, activities, videos, books, devotionals (holy medals, holy cards) are all gathered in one place for each saint!

I also love the concept that the Saints are always online… ready to mentor us and intercede for us!

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

5. What do you do on the Saintnook team?

I google the Saints! I help to compile the listings of saint biographies, crafts, activities and products. I also help to build up our Pinterest boards.  Did you know that there are separate Pinterest Boards for each saint, populated with awesome biographies, pictures, activities and crafts, perfect for happy pinners like me?

As a member of the SaintNook team, I also try to respond to all of Dominic’s innovative ideas…and he has a lot of them.=)

I also offer links to my series of posts Feast Day Fun, featuring quick facts, crafts and activities for saints! Equipping Catholic Families has over 30 Feast Day Fun posts so far, and a couple are added every month… as my 16 year old daughter draws them!

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

Team Spotlight: An Interview with Monica McConkey

6. Who’s your favorite saint?

Well, it just seems darn near impossible to narrow down my favorite saint to just one.

There is St John Paul II and he did actually direct this at ME: “Tell her to keep doing what she is doing …for families.” so we’re kinda close.

Ever since I read this book I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, I have felt inspired by St Therese…with renewed hope in God’s Mercy and Love for ME. We can all do small things with love for Jesus and St Therese shows us how!

Ever since my Pilgrimage to Rome, I can’t help feeling forever changed by gazing at the glistening skin of St Padre Pio and praying by the skull of St Agnes.

I’m a little more aware that as much as we like to call on the saints to intercede for us, I’ve discovered that they actually call on us to help direct our path to Jesus!

Read The Saints Are Calling… and tell me if you know what I mean!

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