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Something completely new is coming to the Catholic web-o-sphere.  It is called Saintnook!

If I had to give one word to describe the site:  calming.  I know weird right but not really if I explain. For me the belief in the presence of the Saints, that great cloud of witness and army of intercessors, has that very effect – calming, so why wouldn’t a site showcasing them be as well.  It is obvious that creator Dominic de Souza gave great attention to every detail of Saintnook — including the color scheme and logo!

SaintNook Pinterest:

Bringing together some of my favorite things … cue Julie Andrews… “Pinning on Pinterest and learning about the Saintly People” … ok so maybe that’s a stretch, but seriously I could hear the song! As avid Pinterest “pinner,” this board was so appealing – the images are well chosen, engaging and inviting. As a visual person, but not necessarily organized person, I appreciate the Pinterest connection for guiding my study of the saints. Thirty-three boards of vibrant pictures and additional resources. It is…wait for it… PINtastic!

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