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Dominic de Souza

A Message from Dominic de Souza, the Founder

Hello, and welcome to Saintnook!

Saintnook was a project begun in 2014 to give saints their own profiles, connect them to each other – just like a social network. A crazy, inventive educational tool.

We’ve been blown away by the love from fans and friends for our beautiful vision. Sadly, it’s a labor of love that I’ve had to shelve, since I’m doing it on my own.

Explore what we’ve started, and we hope you enjoy it all. If your patron saint is encouraging  you to get involved, drop us a line to say hello!

The Saints be praised! :)

Dominic de Souza

Explore the saints by the friends they had, and the people they might have known from their time!

We’re transforming how you learn about the saints.



Each saint has their own account that brings together everything we have.



Some of the most beautiful and extensive pinterest boards online.



Bringing you the best trailers, homilies, and devotional videos available!



Easy-to-search directories of media, books, references and more – per saint!

St Patrick of Ireland


Focusing on easier reading and plenty of headlines so that they’re easier to use.



Each feast day we celebrate by sharing mini-versions of their profiles.



Discover a saint’s friends, and whom they might have known from their era.



A growing number of groups to find new connections.

Adopt a Saint and bring all these elements to their profile!

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About Saintnook

We have a shared passion for the lives of the saints. Our small team of volunteers rallies around a vision of making the saints more accessible and visually engaging by bringing them to life online through a social network. Saintnook is more than a website, its a community effort to transmit the presence of heroes and beloved patrons for students and children everywhere. We love Catholicism, and we love our friends the saints.

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A whole new way of learning about the Saints! Browse Saints profiles, explore biographies, see their friends and activity! Contact us with any questions you might have!

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