Shopping with Blessed Zelie: A Catholic Directory of Businesses

Shopping With Blessed Zelie: A Catholic Directory of Businesses showcases Catholic, home-based business.

These businesses are united by the same love for our Catholic Faith, and are passionate about their products. These are their stories. Sometimes, these businesses ​even ​ offer ​exclusive ​ discounts to Saintnook subscribers.

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Christine HendersonYour host is Christine Henderson, mom, speaker, writer, doll maker, and founder of Shopping with Blessed Zelie. Each Wednesday, she will brighten your day and broaden your network by showcasing a fresh, home-brewed Catholic business.

Get to know Christine through her own interview: ‘Jacob’s Toy Box & Books’!

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Shopping with Blessed Zelie

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Welcome friends and Catholic home businesses! Thank you for taking part in Shopping with Blessed Zelie! We have a vast and growing list of Catholic businesses, thanks to everyone’s part in spreading the word!

For all recently joined or those interested in joining, we strongly encourage each business to work collectively to support each other by

  1. liking each other’s Facebook fanpages
  2. sharing links and posts
  3. commenting on each other’s posts
  4. networking and making new friends
  5. pooling resources
  6. sharing ideas
  7. etc.

If we work together to collectively promote each other’s businesses, we all bring each other more exposure, opportunity and sales, so that we can continue spreading our Catholic faith more broadly!

If you have not done so already, please take the time to read the interviews and visit the directory list to get to know our Catholic brothers and sisters, and explore their sites and pages to get to know their products. Catholic home businesses have an impressive selection of products created through passion, faith and perseverance!

So go ahead, toot their horns, refer one another, recommend them in conversation, or partner up to cross-promote or sell their products as a church fundraiser! Perhaps a blog post opportunity comes from our sharing.

Take a moment to like each other’s Facebook pages, both as yourself and as your business for maximum exposure… it’s also a great way to keep current with what other Catholic businesses are doing for promotion. :)

Thank you, God bless and let’s promote and shop!


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