Hello friends! Thanks for joining us on Saintnook. We’re repeatedly bowled over by folk’s response to what we’re trying to do, and so glad that friends, families and fans like poking around and seeing the saints’ gorgeous profiles.

That being said, we’ve had to change our game plan  somewhat – to make it more exciting for you. Read on…

From the beginning, we’ve been a humble group of volunteers who love this project. Till now, we’ve been laboring over getting each saint’s profile together for your enjoyment and elucidation each month (what a word!), but it’s taking us tons of time to do that.

We want each saint will have a dedicated Pinterest board, playlist, biography, directory of references and so on. We’re having a hard time doing it ourselves, and it’s too good a vision to not do.

So here’s the change; we’re going to focus on getting the saints up, and we’ll let you do the adopting.

A New Invite

From now on, each saint will come with an invite to adopt them, and a handy little button that takes you to our Adopt-a-Saint page. There we’ve upgraded the system with brand new tyres and a whole new paintjob: we’ve set up a form that breaks down all the information that we need for each saint.

Saintnook Changes and the Adopt-a-Saint Upgrade

In a simple, step-by-step process, you can help us fill out biographical data, compile a list of videos, and help us do the research to fill their directory with recommended links, books, crafts and more.

From where we stand, many of you are experts in individual saints. Therefore, we certainly want to pave the way for you to share with the Saintnook community – and all our visitors – the right information!

Are you In?

See a saint you want to adopt? Ask us if they’re available!

Have a friend you know would die to adopt that saint for themselves or their business? Encourage them to jump in! Or adopt it for them. :)

Moving forward, we’re looking forward to doing what we do best, which is filling in this social network with saints and working on their connections. With your help, we’ll grow each saint into the hub of information we’re all looking for.

So poke around, and if you see an non-adopted saint, ask us if you can grab them! Otherwise, enjoy the ride. :)

Questions? Sound off in the comments!

A whole new way of learning about the Saints! Browse Saints profiles, explore biographies, see their friends and activity! Contact us with any questions you might have!

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