6 Books about Saints to Read in August: Saints Dominic, Clare and Philomena - by Mary Cordes

I hope to share with you some great books about the Lives of the Saints that my family members and I have enjoyed. In August, we will celebrate some great saint feast days.

St Dominic of Guzman

On August 8th we celebrate the feast day of St. Dominic. He is the great founder of the Order of Preachers also known as the Dominican Order.

“And how shall they hear, without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they be sent, as it is written: How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace…” – Romans 10:14-15

I recommend two good books on his life.

The Life of St Dominic

The first, “The Life of Saint Dominic” by Augusta Theodosia Drane (Mother Francis Raphael).

“The best biography of St. Dominic in English we have seen. Covers his preaching, miracles, founding of the Dominicans, the Rosary, the incredible fruit of his life, and the miraculous growth of the Dominicans.”

St Dominic - Sr Mary Jean Dorcy

The second book, “Saint Dominic” by Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P.

“He multiplied bread and wine, raised people from the dead, fought the Albigensian Heresy, converted thousands with his preaching, gave the world the Rosary and founded the Dominican Order. In only five years he launched a spiritual movement that changed the shape of history!”

St Clare of Assisi

On August 11th we celebrate Saint Clare of Assisi, foundress of the Religious Order of “Poor Clares.”

St Francis & Clare

A great book on her life (and that of Saint Francis) is, “Francis and Clare ~ Saints of Assisi” by Helen Walker Homan. It is written for a younger audience. My 5th-10th grade children enjoyed this book.

“In this book, Helen Walker Homan has captured all the excitement and beauty of the lives of Francis and Clare of Assisi, and their centuries-long influence on the whole world through their radical living of the Gospel and founding of two great religious orders.”

St Philomena

Also celebrated on August 11th, is St. Philomena.

St Philomena - Powerful with God

A wonderful introduction to this young martyr is the book, “Saint Philomena ~ Powerful with God” by Sr. Marie Helene Mohr, S.C. One of my daughters read this book and chose her as her patroness throughout her teen years. Pope Gregory XVI named her, “Wonderworker of the Nineteenth Century”.

“The early Roman virgin-martyr whose bones were discovered in 1802. She immediately began answering prayers, with so many favors and miracles being granted that she was raised to sainthood by Pope Gregory XVI—becoming the only person recognized by the Church as a saint solely on the basis of her powerful intercession, since nothing is known of her except her name and the evidence of her martyrdom. A great intercessor for all needs!”

(Also available on Kindle version)

St Philomena the Wonder Worker

Two other quick reads on her life are: “St. Philomena, the Wonder-Worker” by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P.

“Though nothing historical is known of her, she was declared a Saint in 1837, only 35 years after discovery of her relics. Here is the whole incredible story, plus many accounts of her tremendous favors and miracles. Another St. Jude to call on in our desperate needs.”

(On Kindle version too)

It is Time to Meet St. Philomena

And, “It’s Time to Meet St. Philomena” by Dr. Mark Miravalle.

“Who is St. Philomena? Pope Gregory XVI referred to her as the “wonder-worker” of the nineteenth century. Bl. Pope Pius IX declared her the “Patroness of the Children of Mary.” St. John Vianney attributed all of his miracles to her, stating, “I have never asked for anything through the intercession of my Little Saint without having been answered.” This early virgin-martyr continues her wonder-working ways in our twenty-first century. Devotion to St. Philomena is spreading like a re-kindled wildfire throughout the universal Church today, with testimonies to her miraculous intercession being received by the international shrine of St. Philomena in Mugnano, Italy, from all parts of the world. St. Philomena wishes to exercise her remarkable power of intercession, precisely for you. It is time for you to meet St. Philomena.” – From the Introduction

Celebrating Feast Days

I’d also like to share about a book that I have read numerous times and use as a reference on how to celebrate family members’ Saint’s feast days in the home. We celebrate our Baptismal and Confirmation names in our family. It is now out of print but can sometimes be located, if this fails EWTN has an online copy.

The title is, “My Nameday ~ Come for Dessert” by Helen McLoughlin. It features how to celebrate a Feast Day, ideas on desserts to make and also has many saints included. For example: Popular girls’ and boys’ names, Apostles, Doctors of the Church, Martyr Saints and Founders of Religious Orders.

Along these lines, an easy website on celebrating a feast day at home is Catholic Cuisine. It has many saints listed and many ideas too, with pictures and recipes.

Have you read any of these? Which interests you most? Share with us in the comments below!

About Mary Cordes

Mary L Cordes

Mary Cordes loves her Faith and the family God has blessed her with. She is still in love with her husband of 35 years and they have eleven incredible children! (They now range in age of 8 to 32.) They also have three beautiful grandchildren. Mary is a full-time homemaker and has home schooled all of her children from preschool through high school, though her class size has shrunk to four children. She enjoys reading, especially about the Lives of the Saints. She is also fond of taking long walks, drawing, picnicking, swimming, and canoeing. She likes playing Badminton, singing and watching 50’s movies with her kids. She enjoys cooking and baking for them too.

Windows of St Dominic & St Clare CC Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. | St Philomena window CC Reinhardhauke

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