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This week’s Shopping with Blessed Zelie features Little Knitty Bird.  Enjoy knitting or crocheting or know someone who does? Read about this wonderful business and you will discover unique and cool gifts for the yarn lovers in your life.

1. Tell us about yourself.

Art and specifically crafting has been a part of my life ever since I was a child. Those early clumsy attempts at sewing and with Lisa Frank kits eventually evolved into a style of bead and wire jewelry by the time I reached high school.

In those years I refined my skills and made a steady stream of gifts for family, friends, and personal use and of course when I headed off to school to study photography it was with my big bin of craft supplies in tow! I began finally selling pieces through an artist co-op and learned some important lessons about getting one’s work to market.

The biggest change is when I began knitting in my senior year. My first scarf was a hilarious disaster, but soon I became entranced in the rhythm of the needles and the subtle differences in the yarn.

God took me some interesting places afterwards as I married an Air Force officer, worked in a base chapel, and travelled all over the western half of the United States with a constantly growing stash of yarn. Knitting was my constant companion as artistic outlet and stress relief and the majority of gifts every Christmas were now knitted!

After my daughter was born and I was looking for a business to start at home I finally found a way to marry my long history of jewelry making and my new love of the fiber arts! I had been dreaming of starting an Etsy shop for some time and I finally had a plan!

In the Fall of 2013 I finally hung up my MLM badge for the company I had been selling for and got to devote my business time to my first artistic love, crafting and beads!

Meet: Little Knitty Bird | Shopping with Blessed Zelie

2. What do you make?

I make stitch markers for knitting and crochet. A stitch marker helps to mark a place on the work such as where there’s a specific pattern instruction, or to simply help keep track of a large number of stitches. Markers specifically for crochet need to be removable, or else they’d get stuck in the finished project forever!

Knitting is more flexible and customers can choose from snagless markers on a flexible beading wire, rigid rings, or the crochet markers. I actually personally prefer to use the crochet markers, that way even I can’t knit my stitch markers into my project!

Meet: Little Knitty Bird | Shopping with Blessed Zelie

My style is greatly influenced by nature and I find myself constantly drawn to using natural stones, bone, wood, and every version of a leaf that I can find in a bead form. Sometimes I have to remind myself that my customers might want something more than woodland themed markers!

I find that knitters tend to be a book and history loving lot so I also design sets inspired by favorite series and authors such as Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Downton Abbey, or the Outlander series. That way as you’re knitting your Regency inspired pattern, listening to the audio book or watching the BBC miniseries even the stitch markers can be in theme!

Meet: Little Knitty Bird | Shopping with Blessed Zelie

Meet: Little Knitty Bird | Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I write a blog for the shop that allows me to also bring my love of writing and my photography background to the fiber world that I’ve fallen into. I do profiles of local yarn shops, fiber festivals, exhibits (I had to be pulled away from the textile tents at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival), and the behind the scenes of the shop.

My next project that I have hopes to soon start is embarking into the world of pattern design where I can let my imagination run wild. Much like my stitch markers, my patterns are greatly inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes where I’ve lived, especially the peerless Rocky Mountains.

There are a couple of patterns in development and I can’t wait to start that next venture

Meet: Little Knitty Bird | Shopping with Blessed Zelie

Meet: Little Knitty Bird | Shopping with Blessed Zelie

3. Do you do anything else?

Besides knitting?!?! I actually recently returned to the full time work force and have had the blessing to work for some amazing bosses at a winery with a stunning view and a flock of dueling hummingbirds that keep all of us, guests and staff alike, endlessly amused.

When I’m home I garden and enjoy spending time with my family as my daughter grows like an adorable weed. We’re incredibly close to yet another national park and to our families so it’s been a wonderful time getting to spend days off running around another set of mountains and seeing loved ones we lived so far away from for many years.

I also volunteer as a Volunteer Babywearing Educator with my local Babywearing International chapter and have the great honor of getting to meet other families and help them with their baby carrier needs and build the community that always follows.

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