Robin's Nest Lane - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

This week, Shopping with Blessed Zelie features a homeschooling mom of eight who also runs Robin Nest Lane, a home based business for elegant chapel veils.

1.  Tell us about yourself.

Hello! My name is Robin, and I’m a catholic, homeschooling mother of eight that owns and runs Robin Nest Lane Chapel Veils.

I admit, some days are a little bit crazy, and leave me doubting whether or not I’m up for another day of this…. But my boss, He just doesn’t take “No” for an answer. And I’m ok with that. Really, I am.

You see, I have many days when doubt takes over, the sink is overflowing, and I experience real anger at whoever thought white, tile floors in a high-traffic area was a good idea, and it leaves me feeling like my endeavors are just down right impossible: homeschooling six school age kiddos, while chasing after my 2 wee, little boys ( ages 7 months and 2 ½ ), taking care of the home and everything that entails with a 10 person household, and being the best little military wife I can be.

Let’s just add running a business from home because it’s no fun to be bored, right? ;)

Robin's Nest Lane - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

2. What do you make?

It all started when our first daughter was three. The sweet girl wanted to be just like Momma and wear a veil during Holy Mass. I was so happy and wanted to encourage her so I made her a veil to match mine. So cute!

Except, trying to adjust her veil ( that was really just too big ) with one hand, while holding my little guy in my other arm, and my 7 month pregnant belly WAY out in front just wasn’t working. No big surprise. On the way home from Mass I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better way for a little girl to veil. Short of tying the lace to her head, I couldn’t think of anything…. But wait, I had an idea there.

Yes! That’s it! I would tie the lace to her head! Ha! It had to work!

Fast forward a year or two and several failed attempts later, I finally had a veil for my young daughter that actually did stay on her head all through Holy Mass. I made it smaller, for a better fit, and with cute, little tiebacks so it wouldn’t slip. And let me tell you how nice it was to not have to bother with it! For me, and for her! We were both able to concentrate on the beautiful prayers and participate more fully in the Holy Sacrifice.

It was so nice!

Robin's Nest Lane - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

By that time, I had another little girl who wanted to wear a veil like Mommy so I made her a little veil, as well. They continued to serve us well over the years until I had to make bigger versions of the same veil as my daughters grew. Add two more little girls to our crew and we had quite the collection of veils at our house! :)

At the suggestion of my dear mother-in-law, I opened up a little shop on Etsy. I started by just offering the little veil with tiebacks, the same style that I made for my own daughters. It had worked so well for us that I wanted to share it with others!

With seven veils sold in my first year, I was thrilled! I started making different styles, for both ladies and girls, and all of a sudden found myself very busy. I sold over 500 veils during the next year!

Robin's Nest Lane - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

3. What else would you like to share?

I have always loved veiling for Our Lord. He has blessed me so much, and I strive to find ways to show my love for Him. To spend time with Him is my favorite, kneeling before His True Presence. To be so near Him, for Him to be so accessible to me, is often difficult for my mind to grasp. He is God! And He is here!

It’s absolutely amazing, and I hope that I never become complacent of so great an honor. Veiling serves as a reminder for me that there is nothing more special here on earth, nothing more awesome and incredible, than being in the presence of Our Lord. While our internal reverence is vital for a deeper and richer relationship with Christ, our external reverence is a beautiful way to show our love and respect for Him!

The act of veiling recognizes God as our Creator and King, whom we should be forever humbled before, while simultaneously proclaiming our love and gratitude for his boundless blessings in our simple lives. Such a beautiful, and richly symbolic act, is ours to offer!

It sometimes comes at a cost, with stares and hushed whispers, and sometimes even discouraging comments from those who do not understand the significance of veiling. And that’s ok. Our Lord knows what is best for us. If He leads you to veiling, He will be with you.

He sees your heart, and loves your love for Him. Like St. Veronica, we should never be afraid of what others will think when we approach Our Lord with our veil. It is an act of love, and one that He must surely treasure.

The act of veiling has taken on so much more for me after having made over one thousand veils. You might think I’d lose my fascination with the centuries old tradition, or that it would become so commonplace to me that it would cease to amaze. But it couldn’t be more opposite.

With each veil that I make, I grow closer to Our Lord as He teaches me how to serve others, the beauty of ‘ora et labora’ , and how to put others needs before my own. I feel truly blessed to be able to provide these veils and I take great joy in knowing that something that I made will be used to show love for Him.

My veils are carefully handcrafted, with the highest attention to detail. I make every single one of them in our smoke-free and pet-free home.

Come and visit me at or ​my Etsy site. I pray that your veil serves you well, as you serve Our Lord!

+ Our Lady of The Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us! +

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