Basic Information

Casimir of Poland

Feast Day

March 4

Short Bio

Grandson to the first royal advocate of Christianity in 15th Century Poland, Casimir was raised second son to the throne. He was tutored by a man adept in politics and rich in religion, which showed from his early years. A rebel faction in Hungary requested his leadership against their king, and at the age of 13, his father sent him to lead war. Outnumbered, with unpaid troops deserting, the campaign failed and Casimir returned to spend his time in prayer, study and care of the poor. He remained a conscientious objector against war from then on. After a two year period ruling Poland, and remaining consistently celibate, he died at 23. Overwhelming numbers of miracles abounded from his tomb.


October 3, 1458


March 4, 1484

Patron of

Poland, Lithuania, against plague, bachelors, kings, princes, single laymen, Lithuania (proclaimed by Pope Urban VIII in 1636), Poland Grodno, Belarus, diocese of

Adopted by

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Born in

Krakow, Poland

Lived in

Poland, Grondo, Grand Duchy of Lithuania (in modern Belarus)



Form of Passing

Natural Causes


Military, Virgin, Royalty / Nobility, Youth


15th Century

Family & Relationships

Third of thirteen children

Family Members

King Casimir IV of Poland (father), Elizabeth of Austria (mother)

Details & Interests
Name Variations

Casimir of Krakow, Kazimieras, Kazimierz, Kazimir

Canonization Status
Canonized by

Pope Adrian VI (1522), Pope Adrian VI (1602)



Date Canonized

1522 by Pope Adrian VI , 1602 by Pope Clement VIII


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