Basic Information

Dominic Savio

Feast Day

March 9

Short Bio

Dominic Savio was born to a poor family in northern Italy. From his early years, he displayed a remarkable attention to communion with God. With his acceptance to Don Bosco’s Oratory, he resolved to become a saint, and remained a model of chastity, kindness and prayer to the rest of the community. He died from bad health at the age of 15, seeing visions of Heaven awaiting him.


April 2, 1842


March 9, 1857

Patron of

The Falsly Accused

Adopted by

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Born in

Northern Italy

Lived in

Riva, Murialdo, Castelnuovo, Turin



Form of Passing

Natural Causes




19th Century

Family & Relationships

second of eleven children

Family Members

born to Charles and Brigid Savio

Details & Interests
Name Variations

Given the name Domenico at baptism

Name Meaning

'Domenico' means "belonging to God" and the name Savio means "wise".

Favorite Quote

Great site about Dominic’s life:

On the evening of March 9, 1857, after being visited by his parish priest, he asked his father to read him the prayers for the Exercise of a Happy Death from his book of devotions. Then he slept a while, and shortly awakened and said in a clear voice,

“Goodbye, Dad, goodbye . . . what was it the parish priest suggested to me … I don’t seem to remember . . . Oh, what wonderful things I see …”.[52]

With these words, Dominic died, though, at first, it appeared to his father that he was asleep.[53] Dominic’s father wrote in a letter to John Bosco, conveying the news of the death of his son,

“With my heart full of grief I send you this sad news. Dominic, my dear son and your child in God, like a white lily, like Aloysius Gonzaga, gave his soul to God on March 9th after having received with the greatest devotion the Last Sacraments and the Papal Blessing”

Canonization Status
Canonized by

Pope Pius XII



Date Canonized

June 12, 1954

Beatified on

March 5, 1950 in Rome by Pope Pius XII

Major Shrine

The Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin (his tomb)


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