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Cyril of Alexandria

Feast Day

June 27

Short Bio

A controversial and fiery figure, Cyril started his position as bishop in Alexandria, a city prone to riots and violence. He quickly responded in kind, taking the fight back to the enemies of the Faith on their terms, and for that reason, is often castigated by historians. He repented of his earlier vengeance, and became a champion of clarity in Church teaching during the rise of the Nestorian heresy, a time of cosmic crisis. He became a figure of intelligence, kindness and reason, from which the Council of Ephesus took strength against the powers of Rome, local factions and rabbling Nestorians. The way to understand Cyril is to substitute the profile of the ‘haughty and heartless dogmatist’ for the ardent, anxious, often deeply suffering man, who, against an opponent strong in sophistry, court influence, and church power, persevered in defending the simple truth of the Scriptural and Nicene mystery.


376 A.D.


444 A.D.

Patron of

Alexandria; Egypt

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Born in

Alexandria, Egypt

Lived in




Form of Passing

Natural Causes


Bishop, Priest / Pastor, Doctor of the Church


4th Century


Religious Life, Priesthood

Details & Interests
Books Written

Against Julian,

Favorite Quote

“By nature, each one of us is enclosed in his own personality, but supernaturally, we are all one. We are made one body in Christ, because we are nourished by one flesh. As Christ is indivisible, we are all one in him. Therefore, He asked His Father “that they may all be One as We also are one.” – Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Canonization Status

Pre-Congregation Canonization


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