Basic Information

Ansgar of Scandinavia

Feast Day

February 3

Short Bio

He was born to a noble family near Amiens, France. As a Benedictine monk, he went to Denmark and Sweden as a missionary. He was nominated abbot of New Corbie, the first Archbishop of Hamburg, and the Pope’s delegate for the Scandinavian missions. As the ‘Apostle of the North’, his success was due to his great preaching ability, personal austerity, holiness and miracles. He was greatly devoted to the poor and the sick.


September 8, 801 AD, near Amiens, Picardy, France


February 3, 865 AD, Bremen, Germany

Patron of

Scandinavia, Denmark

Adopted by

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Lived in

Amiens, Picardy, Wesphalia, Hamburg, Sweden, Denmark



Form of Passing

Natural Causes


Abbot, Royalty / Nobility


9th Century


Religious Life, Priesthood, Marriage

Details & Interests
Name Variations

Amschar, Anschar, Anscharius, Ansgarius, Anskar, Apostle of the North, Apostle of Scandanavia, Scharies

Favorite Quote

If I were worthy of such a favor from my God, I would ask that he grant me this one miracle: that by His grace He would make of me a good man.

Canonization Status

Pre-Congregation Canonization

Major Shrine

Saint Ansgar's Cathedral (Danish: Sankt Ansgars Kirke — Katolsk Domkirke) in Copenhagen, Denmark


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