As the community of the canonized, Saintnook is a special fusion of a social network and a resource site, so understanding the navigation is key.

Here are 3 steps to get the most out of your experience. :)

1) Searching

Probably the easiest, you can search for your favorite saint from our list (which we’re always adding to!) with the Search Icon  – always available in the menu (except on mobile).

2) Monthly Saints

We’ve added a calendar icon in the top menu that brings you a list of saints for the month, with a link to each profile for you. As each month passes, we’ll add more.

On mobile, select the 3-line ‘menu’ icon for our slide-out menu. Everything you need is  under your thumb.

3) Profile

Saintnook brings you an individual profile for each saint, with a list of tabs for keeping their information organized.

  • Activity: Similar to Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, the activity stream is where it all comes to life. Here we share updates, quotes and information.
  • Profile: An elegant layout with all the basic information for each saint, with lots of linked text to see which other profile has the same qualities. This tab also brings you quick access to our unique Pinterest and Facebook graphics – perfect for sharing. It also displays our special selection of material relevant to each saint. We’ve created individual posts containing their biography, playlist, and a preview of our Pinterest board. We’ll add more as we grow.
  • Directory: A dynamically searchable list of books, DVDs, recipes, recommended reading, and more. Not only do we bring you a growing selection of items, but you can also leave your own review!
  • Friends: See who each saint was friends who, or might have known from their century. An amazing way to ground a saint within a time period and learn about their contemporaries.
  • Groups: Currently used to organize Saints into their feast-months. This aspect is still in early-stages; if you have ideas for us, share them!

A whole new way of learning about the Saints! Browse Saints profiles, explore biographies, see their friends and activity! Contact us with any questions you might have!

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