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You can sponsor a SaintNook post on Facebook and help us reach hundreds of thousands of new faces, connecting your business with Catholics through a friendly share!

As you might know, Facebook has throttled back on organic reach from fan pages, such as the SaintNook page. To reach more than 2-20% of your engaged fan base, you have to ‘promote’ by paying Facebook to display it to a targeted/general audience.

We want to reach more Catholics, but don’t have the sugar for promotion (this thing runs on passion, not money!). Here’s where your investment can come in.

Donate any amount you like, and we’ll add a ‘Proudly sponsored by YOUR BUSINESS NAME | WEBSITE’, where you can take them to a landing page, promotion, freebie, etc.

It’s a passive form of advertizing, but as we say, friendlier, because you’re associating your business with something people love – the saints.

Contact us today for sponsorship options.

A whole new way of learning about the Saints! Browse Saints profiles, explore biographies, see their friends and activity! Contact us with any questions you might have!

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