Basic Information

Rose of Lima

Feast Day

August 23

Short Bio

Saint Rose of Lima was born as Isabel Flores y de Oliva on April 20, 1586 in Lima, Peru to Gaspar Flores, a cavalryman in the Imperial Spanish Army, & María de Oliva. When a baby a servant claimed to see her face turn into a rose and this story along with her beauty got her the nick name Rose early on in life. She formally took the nickname at her confirmation in 1597 when the future saint and then Archbishop of Lima, Turibius de Mongrovejo confirmed her.

Saint Rose looked up to Saint Catherine of Siena and therefore started fasting and serving penances at a young age. Also when her parents started trying to have her married off and men started to notice her beauty she started cutting her hair off and smearing hot peppers on her face until her face turned red and blistered.

In what was an extremely rare practice in her time she took the Eucharist daily and spent much time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. She helped the sick and hungry in her community as well as her family by selling needlework, flowers, & lace. Besides these activities she only left her room to go to the church.

She wanted to become a nun with the Dominicans however her fathered disallowed it so when she turned 20 she took a vow of virginity and donned the Dominican habit as a Third Order Dominican just like Saint Catherine.

For the next 11 years she slept only two hours a night so she could devote more time to prayers and she wore a crown of silver with spikes on the inside in emulation of Christ. She eventually passed away on August 24, 1617 at the age of 31.


April 20, 1586


August 24, 1617

Patron of

embroiderers; gardeners; florists; India; Latin America; people ridiculed or misunderstood for their piety; for the resolution of family quarrels; indigenous peoples of the Americas; Peru; Philippines; Santa Rosa, California; against vanity; Lima; Peruvian Police Force

Born in

Lima, Viceroyalty of Peru

Lived in




Form of Passing

Natural Causes




16th Century


Consecrated Secularity

Family & Relationships
Family Members

Her father was Gaspar Flores, a harquebusier in the Imperial Spanish army, born in San Germán on the island of San Juan Bautista (now Puerto Rico), and her mother was María de Oliva, a creole from Lima.

Details & Interests
Name Variations

Isabel de Santa Maria de Flores, "Rose"

Name Meaning

Her later nickname "Rose" comes from an incident in her babyhood: a servant claimed to have seen her face transform into a rose. In 1597 she was confirmed by the Archbishop of Lima, Turibius de Mongrovejo, who was also to be declared a saint. She formally took the name of Rose at that time.

Favorite Quote

“Lord, increase my sufferings, and with them increase Your love in my heart.”

Canonization Status
Canonized by

Pope Clement X



Date Canonized

April 12, 1671

Beatified on

April 15, 1667 or 1668

Major Shrine

Monastery of St. Dominic in Lima, Peru