Basic Information

Boniface of Germany

Feast Day

June 5

Short Bio

Traditionally born in Wessex, England from a noble family, Boniface answered the call to the religious life. His life was spent in rigorous studies and piety. At 30, he was ordained a priest, and became famous for his erudition. Passionate about bringing the Gospel to the Germans, the Pope granted him full authority to go on mission. He met with many trials and much success, especially after his signature felling of the Oak of Thor, and its use in building a chapel, marking the end of paganism. The new Pope elected him Archbishop of Mainz, and Boniface’s remaining years were devoted to the founding or restoring of dioceses and monasteries in Bavaria, Thuringia and Franconia. He worked with King Pepin the Short to reform the Frankish church. When over 70, he returned to evangelize Friesland, and was marytred during a Confirmation ceremony.


680 A.D.


754 A.D.

Patron of

Brewers, File cutters, Diocese of Fulda, Germany, Tailors, England

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Born in

Wessex, England

Lived in

England, Germany



Form of Passing



Bishop, Martyr, Royalty / Nobility


7th Century, 8th Century


Religious Life, Priesthood

Details & Interests
Name Variations

Winfrid (original name)

Favorite Quote

“Let us be neither dogs that do not bark nor silent onlookers nor paid servants who run away before the wolf. Instead let us be careful shepherds watching over Christ’s flock. Let us preach the whole of God’s plan to the powerful and to the humble, to rich and to poor, to men of every rank and age, as far as God gives us the strength, in season and out of season.” (St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr)

Canonization Status

Pre-Congregation Canonization

Major Shrine

Fulda Cathedral


CC Fr Lawrence Lew OP


CC Daniel Mennerich