Enter the Saintnook July Giveaway to Win $117 Worth of Catholic Prizes!

Congratulations to our winners of the Saintnook July Giveaway! This month, 3 lucky winners won the draw for 12 prizes, valued at $117.88.

Winning Tiers

We have 3 winners this time;

  1. 1st place wins most of the physical prizes and gets a copy of all digital prizes.
  2. 2nd place wins 1 physical prize and a copy of all digital prizes
  3. 3rd place wins a copy of all the digital prizes.

$117 Worth of Prizes

A Bedside Book of Saints

Paperback From Sophia Institute Press

This, truly, is a bedside book of saints, crafted like an old-fashioned quilt — a colorful thing of threads and patches meant to brighten the bedroom and lift the spirits of souls wearied by the day.

Like the patchwork quilts made by your grandmother, these tales have been sewn together without great study and with very little plan: variety and charm are often the very thing needed to cheer a downcast soul and bring consolation and hope to the Christian who takes up a book just before falling asleep.

$14.95 value

First Place Prize

Prayer of St. Francis Print with wheat fields, dandelions – hand-drawn contemporary whimsical illustration, square 12×12

From DovetailInk

This print is of my hand-drawn contemporary illustration of a prayer of St. Francis, Each head of wheat is drawn around one of the desired attributes: love, pardon, faith, hope, joy and light. Drawn by hand with India ink pens, I then add color with art markers (mostly prismacolor). There is *no* digital editing.

$25 value

First Place Prize

Catholic Girl Pearls Children’s Necklace

From Saongjai

An exquisite antique ivory faux pearl and purple & pink necklace with silver tone accents. Any little girl will especially feel like a princess and a daughter of the King wearing this gorgeous necklace! The center jewel has a silvertone miraculous medal. Necklace is 16 inches.

$15 value

First Place Prize

Immaculate Heart of Mary Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Immaculate Heart of Mary Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

From HappyCatholics

Die cuy vinyl sticker featuring classic Catholic artwork of the Immaculate Heart of Mary remixed with a modern design. Approximately 3.5″ x 4″, printing is fade and water resistant.

$2 value

First Place Prize

Sense of the Sacred: Coloring Book for Young Illuminators

Paperback from Peanut Butter & Grace

For centuries, the Catholic Church has used art to illuminate the sacred mysteries of the Faith. Follow in that tradition by making sacred art with the help of Sense of the Sacred: Coloring Book for Young Illuminators. 30 hand-drawn illustrations and accompanying Bible verses, drawing on the rich legacy of statues and stained glass in our Catholic Faith. Bring them to life!

$5.99 value

Second Place Prize

Sensus Sacrorum‘ – ‘Sense of the Sacred’ Music Album

Download from CatholicAuthor

Ever ancient,  Ever new, 16 Latin hymns sung by the de Souza Family Choir. Preview the trailer here.

$8.99 value

All Places Prize

Super Saints Pack One Cathletics Craft Kit

Download from ArmaDei

Templates are included for 18 Super Saints Cards, (printed front and back) along with instructions for 2 games to play with them. Additional Packs (One and Two) will be released over the next 6 weeks.

The Cathletics Craft Kit comes with permission to copy up to 5 sets for home or classroom use.

$10 value

All Places Prize

Jesus and Mary Symbol Coloring Pages PDF

Download from Saongjai

This is a set of 5 pages. There is a set of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart, Ave Maria floral monogram and IHS monogram, and one plain ornate frame to draw a pretty picture in. These are 8.5 x 11 full page images.

$2 value

All Places Prize

My Mini Rosary Books

Download from Drawn2BCreative

This download comes with five mini-books- little books you can make with one sheet of paper, a small cut and a few folds!  No staples or tape needed.

You’ll find all the prayers you need to say the rosary as well as a minibook for each mystery of the rosary in this set.  Your kids will enjoy coloring the ‘beads’  in their minibook as your family prays together.

$4 value

All Places Prize

Sense of the Sacred

‘Sense of the Sacred’ A Coloring Book for Young Illuminators

Download from CatholicAuthor

Learn to illuminate! For centuries, the Catholic Church has used art to illuminate the sacred mysteries of the Faith. Now, your child can follow in that tradition by making sacred art with the help of Sense of the Sacred: Coloring Book for Young Illuminators.

$4.99 value

All Places Prize

The Ring of Fantasy

Download from CatholicAuthor
A fantasy novel filled with beauty and battle, Joshua meets flying horses and nyads, faerys and dwarves, ghosts and bathorses. A gripping children’s story from the first page on that doesn’t let up till the end! Great for reading aloud to ages 5-11! See the trailer and learn more about the book.

$4.99 value

All Places Prize

Order a Custom Wallpaper

From CatholicViral
Have you seen the epic wallpapers created by CatholicViral? Would you like one of your own for your smart devices, timeline cover, laptop skin, car decal… anything?

Perhaps your project needs something amazing, or you want inspiration for your book, or your youth group wants to give away wallpapers.

Order right here. Let us know if you’d like to epic-ify a quote, a word, a name, or whatever else! Decide a general feel, and we’ll start cooking. We add a little of our special awesome sauce so that you get a graphic to be proud of.

$20 value

All Places Prize

  • Jessica Compton

    Arma Dei Super Saints Kit

  • Kim Montee

    Super Saints Pack One Cathletics Craft Kit

  • Katie

    I think the Sense of the Sacred coloring book looks fabulous – as do all these wonderful things!

    • Thanks Katie! It seems a renaissance for adult-coloring is back in vogue. :)

  • Allison Gingras

    LOVE what @saintnook is doing!!! Prayers for continued and MUCH success ;)

  • Kel Szydagis

    These all look wonderful! My daughter would adore the Catholic girl necklace. As she will sincerely tell you, she loves all things pretty and pink and shiny.

  • Lisa P

    Thank you for making religiously-themed items for children. They need resources they can understand and will get their attention.

  • Minette

    Everything :0) But the Bedside Book of Saints looks really neat and so does the Immaculate Heart sticker

  • Jodi

    Everything looks like it would be a wonderful addition to any home! Because I have a family of avid readers, I am most interested in the books. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  • Karen Miller

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing some great resources with us!

  • Barbara

    What an awesome array of prizes. Several things sparked my interest particularly The Bedside Book of Saints. Thanks to all who are making this giveaway possible.

  • Kandle Ynostrosa

    I think this is a fabulous group of prizes! The wheat print is my favorite!

  • As an elementary teacher who took a lot of children’s lit classes in college, I’m excited by the young adult novel! I think my son would really enjoy it!

    • Fantastic! I’m excited to learn what you think about it. :)

  • Christine Hebert

    My favorite prize is the girl’s necklace. I know a little girl who just had her First Holy Communion and this would be perfect for her!

  • What a fantastic giveaway! My followers will love this!

  • Yani Arif

    I really like the St. Francis painting :)

  • Karen Morton

    Loving the Bedside Book of Saints

  • Kristen

    That Bedside Book of Saints looks amazing!

  • Sonia

    All the prizes look great! A big fan of the Latin Mass, our favorite is the Sensus Sacrorum music album. Thank you.

  • Megan

    I love the coloring books!

  • imagine6

    The Super Saints Pack from Arma Dei would be great! I love their stuff. :)

  • Peggy

    I would LOVE all of it! Especially to use in the Catholic School I teach at.

  • Kim Menning

    The Bedside Book of Saints looks wonderful!!

  • Megan

    Arma Dei Super Saints Kit

  • Carrie


    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Jonathan

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  • Mama Cecilia

    Great Giveaway… I really like the sacred music!! God Bless.

  • Kathryn Murphy

    Great giveaway! I can’t decide which I want more they are all great.

  • tammy cordery

    I would love the coloring books

  • Jonathan

    What fun! I actually won 2nd place. Thank you so much! I have four kids that are really going to enjoy these prizes.

    • Fantastic! Congratulations, Jonathan. :) We hope they all enjoy the prizes!

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