Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

This week on Shopping with Blessed Zelie, we’re taking a happy stroll down a country lane, where the bleating of lambs, knitting of toys and hum of a sewing machine is a normal day on the prairie for one Catholic, home-based business.

Today’s showcase is full of things I love: baby lambs and many toys! Learn about Saint Zita’s Workshop, and meet Mary Bennet, along with her  cute, knitted critters. :)

1. Tell us about yourself!

My name is Mary Bennett. I’m a Catholic young lady, working hard to start my own home business. I spin, knit, weave and sew. Below is my picture wearing one of my custom made dresses.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I named my shop, St. Zita’s Workshop because St. Zita is the patroness of domestic women. She was a humble servant who worked and prayed daily, while performing her womanly, feminine, domestic chores.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

On our sheep farm we have many years into breeding for soft fine fiber. Our farm is in Missouri and right now there are 40 sheep on the property. We have bred for high quality soft fiber for 18 yrs. Our sheep breed is Shetland/Merino.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie
I have been spinning for 18 yrs. I started knitting and sewing within the past 5 yrs. Weaving is one of my absolute favorite fiber arts. It’s a lovely craft. I have competed in several State and local weaving/ spinning competitions.

My hope is that I may provide children with warm soft clothing.  With my dolls and animals, children will be able to spend many hours happily playing with creative and soft stuffed toys.  I make for adults beautiful, classic, high quality, stylish, modest and warm clothing. I’m also in the process of getting a small children’s book published. It’s a story about friendship and features my knitted critters and dolls. Coming soon!

2. What do you make?

Below I am going to introduce you to a few of my creations.

Hello! I’m Bernard Bear!

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I’m hand made with 100% wool, from Mary’s sheep on her farm. I’m so soft, and very cuddle worthy. I have my own removable fair isle sweater, shoes, alpaca/wool hand spun breeches, my socks are knitted on- permanently, and I’m stuffed with fiber fill. I have a heart embroidered in my ear, for an extra oh-so-cute factor.

I’m tall for my age, 18 1/2″ tall! My heart buttons are handmade with clay.

Hello, I’m Maeve!

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

Made from 100% natural materials. I’m all knitted with wool yarn directly from the sheep on Mary’s farm. I stand 13 1/2″” tall. I have short red hair made from mohair fiber, styled in a cute short bob. Stuffed with fiber fill. My (green) eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered. Complete with a colorful wardrobe.

My cute custom fit, ensemble includes, skirt, cabled sweater and beret. All was specially designed by Mary. My clothes are hand knit, and dyed.

Hello! I’m Rex Rabbit.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie
I’m made of soft 100% white wool yarn. I stand 10 1/2″ tall. My clothes are hand made and designed by Mary. I have long horsehair whiskers. I come complete with a bow tie, a yellowy gold vest, brown britches, and a pretty green jacket.

My vest is made with hand spun, hand dyed yarn, and has a cable running down one side, and is closed with 2 handmade clay buttons. My green jacket has brown patches on my elbows for extra wearability.

Hello, I’m Sophia Sheep.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I’m 100% Wool from Mary’s farm raised sheep. My clothes are Hand knitted and I’m. Stuffed with fiber fill. I stand 12 1/2″ tall and am very soft.  Some say, I’m too darn cute! I have purple flowers attached to my yarn headband and my eyes are embroidered along with my nose.

I am  perfect gift for a sheep lover, or for a doll collector. Also, I  come with hand knitted wool apron and shawl. Her shawl is made with merino/silk/bamboo hand spun yarn.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

These are some dresses I have made.  These are custom orders.

Saint Zita's Workshop - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop, and please come again. I will be listing weekly new items.  I do take custom orders, so please feel free to convo me on my etsy site, to let me know your ideas and wants.


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Shopping with Blessed Zelie

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