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Everyone loves a secret.

The Saintnook Bazaar is an underground market open for only a few days a month, where buyers and businesses can meet over the same passion: transmitting our beautiful, Catholic Faith to our students and children through creative and attractive tools.


Using this Page

This page brings you details and information about how to use the Bazaar as one of our businesses.

  1. About: A welcome letter from Dominic de Souza, Saintnook Founder, exploring the vision and benefits.
  2. Dates: When the Bazaar will open and close, and cutoff date for submissions.
  3. Preview & Submit: How to navigate the hidden Bazaar market.
  4. Sample Letter: a draft letter that you can use to send to your friends and fans to tell them about your discount.

Dominic de SouzaA Welcome from Dominic de Souza

Founder of Saintnook

Hi friend! Thanks for joining me under these patterned awnings. Saintnook is run by a small team of volunteers, so we’re excited to invite you into a new, creative aspect.

There are a number of little shops prepping to shed shade along this avenue, and you’re one of them! Together, let’s turn this Bazaar into a bustling phenomenon that visitors are fascinated to look forward to.

 Purpose of the Bazaar

This Bazaar is designed to do 2 things:

  1. To cross-pollinate fans among new businesses and generate new sales and interest for your sites/services.
  2. To increase interest and business for Saintnook, to be able to continue improving its unique vision of transforming the way we learn about the saints.

This Bazaar unites us in the same goal; creating a fun opportunity for parents, teachers and catechists alike to learn of new deals and discounts on some of the best Catholic products. You are invited to share the best discounts you can, preferably on one product, to do two things:

  1. provide a discount inaccessible anywhere else
  2. promote your store/site/service


None. No tax on your sales, or inclusion fees. (Perhaps if we get to be huge, then I’ll need to charge something small to compensate my time.) :)

Your ‘fee’ for entering is to pinky-swear to blitz your mailing lists with updates that your products are on sale in this bazaar. If we all share the hype, we all stand to gain.

By being a part of the Bazaar, you also have first chance at sponsoring Saintnook and/or its projects. Please visit our donation page to see some of the things we’re interested in doing. I have a couple of ideas below to keep this experience interesting!

Any questions at all, contact me at info.saintsnook (a) gmail.com

God bless you and yours,


PS: On Facebook? Let’s connect!

Submissions End Date

All submissions must be emailed in before this end date .

Friday, 24th July

Starting Date

Please create your discounts (any time this week) to be ready for

Tuesday, 28th July, 1:00 AM

Expiration Date

Please time your discounts to expire, or remove them, after

Thursday, 30th July, 11:30PM

Preview Live Bazaar

Visit Live Bazaar

Password: donttell

Submit Your Discount

See Hidden Bazaar Demo

For previewing submissions before opening date!

Preview Demo Bazaar

Password: demo

See What Others are Sharing

Sample text to send to your friends

Hi friends, imagine this is a note I slipped into your pocket as we passed in the street. Why such secrecy? I’m inviting you to join an underground market open for only 3 days a month for Catholic goods.

It’s the Saintnook Bazaar, where buyers and businesses can meet over the same passion: transmitting our beautiful, Catholic Faith to our students and children through creative and attractive tools.

You won’t find any mention of the Bazaar on Saintnook. You have to join their free emailing list to get the link to the page and the password.

Saintnook is excited to be bringing you a growing collage of Catholic projects and products, all designed to help you teach and share our Catholic faith. These discounts and deals are available nowhere else.

I’m excited to be a part of this Bazaar, and I’m offering my [insert product title] at a discount of [amount]! If you ever wanted a copy for friends, family or yourself, now’s the time! Get my discount only at the Bazaar, opening in [amount] days!

I wonder if this works as a song? (cue Judy Garland…) “Meet me in the Saintnook Bazaar, meet me at the fair…”

When the Bazaar opens, come explore a variety of deals, discounts and freebies!

God bless you and yours!

PS: What is Saintnook? Its a fantastic site that’s transforming the way we learn about the Saints. Read their article here!

A whole new way of learning about the Saints! Browse Saints profiles, explore biographies, see their friends and activity! Contact us with any questions you might have!

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