AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

Today we’re featuring AlmondRodToys, a beautiful family who have created colorful, durable blocks for children’s play.

1. Tell us about yourself!

Hi, this is Lindsey and I am going to give you an inside look at my new shop, AlmondRodToys. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these blocks with the world.

I am indebted to my parents for instilling in me a love of Scripture and for sending me to college to earn a degree in Christian ministry. I grew up a Protestant and I never knew about the inspiring lives of the Saints.

As a Catholic mother I wanted to bring them into my children’s lives and to make them real to my kids. If kids can fall in love with talking cars and Disney princesses, then how much more the most fascinating people in history whose lives inspire us to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

So I set about to create beautiful, durable toys that would help them to grow in their relationship with Jesus by making the Saints their heroes.

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

2. What do you make?

With the encouragement of friends, I started working on my Blessing Blocks artwork a couple years ago. My own kids are less than a year, 2, 4, 6, and 8.

From the rough and tumble boy, to the imaginative girlie girl, to the information junkie, I try to make my blocks appeal to all of them. Being a mother of 5 I know that a good toy is one that is durable, easy to clean, educational, good looking and difficult to turn into a weapon.

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

My kids love hard plastic figures, so I really wanted to have Christian figures for them to play with. After scouring the internet I was so disappointed with my options! The beautiful hand-painted toys were too expensive to actually let the kids play with and I knew there had to be a cheaper way.

Decoupaging allows me to create artwork that can be copied cheaply. At first I tried to find flat figures I could put the artwork on, but blocks are a classic toy that have so many options for play. I love that Blessing Blocks have great appeal for boys. since they have even fewer Christian toy options than girls.

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

There’s nothing more heartwarming to me as a mother than to see even my tiny toddler begin to cultivate a relationship with God. Good Christian toys bring Christ and His saints to the world of a child – the world of play.

Christ’s message of healing love and forgiveness for each of us is so beautiful, powerful and important that I want my kids to be surrounded by beautiful reminders of it – even when they play.

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I feel uniquely positioned to bring some great Catholic educational toys to children. I have some artistic talent that has thus far gone largely unused (I don’t have even a single piece of my artwork up in my home).

I have children with the whole range of personalities and ages. I am frequently disorganized, which may sound like a bad thing, but it means that I understand the importance of having educational tools that even someone as disorganized as me can take care of and use to teach their kids.

And last but not least, did I mention that my husband is a historical theologian? He is SO beautifully loyal to the magisterium and is an ENDLESS source of historical and theological knowledge. I can not tell you how valuable he is to me as a consultant, catching inaccuracies that the average Catholic would miss. Stay tuned because once he begins writing brilliant books for people much smarter than me, you may hear more of him.

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

This Christmas I started AlmondRod Toys and have been BLOWN AWAY at the response I have received. At Christmas time, with the help of a blog post by my good friend and one $50 ad in Regina Magazine’s online Christmas fair, I was only able to stay open for only 2 weeks before having to close shop!

With 75 orders and about 800 blocks to make things got a bit insane at my house; sanding blocks like no Sanders has before (bad pun).

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

I am bursting with ideas for more blocks and toys and kids books that I want to create ASAP so that my own kids can enjoy them. Follow me on facebook to get updates on my new artwork as it comes out and to see how this adventure unfolds. So much is happening so fast and I am flabbergasted at all the opportunities God is laying down before us.

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

AlmondRodToys - Shopping with Blessed Zelie

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